1. The camping day begins on the day of arrival at 16.00, ends on the day of departure at 11.00 a.m. Before accommodation in the tent, you must complete and sign the registration card, and then hand it over to the administrator / receptionist. People who are under influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of check-in will not be allowed to enter the camping.The reception desk is open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. The entrance gate remains closed during the quiet hours, i.e. from 22.00 to 07.00, and is opened only in exceptional situations. Detailed rules for payment and booking can be found in the Price List.

    1. The provision of the service consists in handing over a clean tent ready for use and providing information on the tent's equipment and the rules of using the tent. The client returns the tent on the day of departure by handing over the clean tent to the staff of the camping.
    2. Any change in the date of arrival or departure in relation to the arrangements made in the booking (e.g. late arrival or early departure) does not entitle to reduce the cost of the stay and to refund.
    3. Not leaving the tent after 11.00 (on the last day of stay) causes the necessity to pay for the next night and does not guarantee the possibility of extending the stay.
    4. Any defects resulting from the use of the tent should be reported to the Base personnel on an ongoing basis. The customer bears full financial responsibility for damage or loss of items in the campings equipment. Damages resulting from improper use of rented tents caused by the fault of the users are settled first on the spot, i.e. during the stay, according to the amounts agreed by the campings staff.
    5. Camping is not responsible for valuables and money left in the tents. There is a curfew from 10.00 p.m. to 7.00 a.m. Persons disturbing the peace and not respecting the curfew, or using the entrusted property in a manner inconsistent with these regulations, will be obliged to leave the camping immediately, without the right to any reimbursement of previously incurred fees and any compensation.
    6. The base reserves the right to refuse accommodation to people who are visibly under the influence of alcohol or intoxicants, and behaving aggressively, in a manner generally considered vulgar.
    7. Persons who are not clients of the camping may stay on the territory of the camping only with the prior consent of the administrator of the camping and at the time determined by him.
    8. Permission for dogs to stay in the Base is possible only after reporting this fact to the staff and receiving consent during the booking. The owners are required to have a valid vaccination record for their dog, clean up litter. Animals must be kept on a leash.
    9. Entry and parking is allowed only in a place designated for this purpose and indicated by the staff of the camping.
    10. The stay of children and youth up to 18 years old in the Base is allowed only under the supervision of adults. Children and teenagers under the age of 18 may use the sports tent only under the supervision of adults. The sports tent can only be used after changing shoes.
    11. Children and adolescents up to 18 years old may use the water equipment under the supervision of adults, while maintaining appropriate safety rules.
    12. The water area in the Base is an unguarded area. The use of the water area is at your own risk. Detailed rules for the use of the water area are included in the Regulations for the use of the water area of ​​the camping. The regulations for using the water area of ​​the camping are placed on the information board located in this area (next to the beach volleyball court). Using the water area during curfew is possible only after prior arrangement with the campings staff.
    13. The camping administrator is not responsible for any inconvenience caused by reasons beyond its control, force majeure (e.g. wind, storm, water, fire) or for power or water outages, etc.
    14. It is forbidden to use your own electrical devices, gas cylinders, lighting a fire outside designated places and the use of pyrotechnics in the tents.
    15. Smoking can only take place in designated places..


  • ul.Spokojna 45
    05-152 Augustówek
  • +48 534 934 274

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  • Beach
  • Cross fit Gym
  • Beach volleyball courts
  • Beach soccer pitch
  • Kayak


  • Comfortable 6 and 8 person tents
  • Common room with children's play area
  • A fully equipped shared kitchen
  • New showers and bathrooms
  • campfire

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